Sophie wants to help others if she wins

HOPES Sophie Wilkins
HOPES Sophie Wilkins
From left, mayor of Gosport Linda Batty, Shirley Faichen and her deputy manager Pauline Brazier, who both started 20 years ago with Cllr  Peter Edgar 

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BEAUTY queen wannabe Sophie Wilkins wants to use her looks to help others.

The 19-year-old of Valley Park Drive, Clanfield, has entered the regional heats of the Miss England competition.

The Hampshire beauty said: ‘It is my first time entering so I am very excited to have been selected.

‘I’m a bit anxious about what to expect but it’s a good anxious.’

The Miss Hampshire competition is a regional heat of Miss England, whose winners go on to compete in Miss World.

‘I have always been interested in Miss World, I love how determined and inspirational the contestants are and how they help others,’ added Sophie.

‘I would love to be a good role model for people and an ambassador for education.

‘I would like to inspire people at every opportunity.’

As part of the pageant’s focus on beauty with a purpose, Miss Hampshire is looking for contestants who are charitable as well as beautiful.

Sophie volunteers as a DJ at Express FM.

She has previously worked at The Kings Theatre, in Albert Road, Southsea, where she organised a family fun day.