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LEGO enthusiasts were given the chance to build their own Concorde out of the play bricks at Westbury Manor Museum, in Fareham, as part of the ongoing Lego mania trail.

Youngsters learn how to build the plane and got to keep the kit at the end of it.

James Blue,9, completed his Supersonic Lego Jet in 15 minutes. - Westbury Manor Lego

James Blue,9, completed his Supersonic Lego Jet in 15 minutes. - Westbury Manor Lego

Martina Fletcher, from Titchfield Common, took her children, Hannah, nine, and Reece, five, to the museum.

Martina, 30, said: ‘It is our first time at the museum, we came to see the Lego replica of Portchester Castle.’

James Blue, nine, was with his mum, Claire, dad, Lee, 39, and sister, Lucy, 13, from Stubbington.

Claire, 38, said: ‘We were queuing up outside at 9.40am. James is mad about Lego.’

James built his model of Concorde in a supersonic speed of 15 minutes.

And there’s still time to take part in the trail.

There will be jet building workshops running all day today from 10am until 5pm.

Workshops will also take place on Saturday, April 13.

The model jet is a limited edition and costs £5.

Museum curator, Tom de Wit said: ‘We have another aeroplane coming in that will be available at workshops that will be running from Saturday, April 20, until the end of May.’

The museum is expecting to have 100 Fairy Delta 2 models for these workshops.

Fairy Delta 2 is the original plane that the Concorde was based on.

The museum is also hosting an expert Lego modelling masterclass on Wednesday, May 29 from 10am until 5pm.

The workshops are for all ages and there is no need to book to join in.

For more information call (01329) 822063 or drop in to the museum at 84 West Street, Fareham.