Survey shows many child car seats are unsafe

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 at the Southsea Village in Palmerston Road Picture: Habibur Rahman

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ALMOST three quarters of child car seats were found to be unsafe in council checks.

Portsmouth City Council’s road safety officers have run three car seat safety events in shopping areas since May, testing 110 seats.

Only 27 per cent, or 30 seats, passed.

Of those that failed 37 per cent needed to be replaced immediately because they were so unsafe.

They were either incompatible with the make of car or too old and worn out.

The officers found 35 per cent of seats were fitted incorrectly.

Michelle Love, the council’s road safety team manager, said: ‘Our research shows that when they bought their car seats, fewer than 40 per cent of local parents were asked by store staff about the age and weight of their child. This is a concern.

‘It’s also alarming that 16 seats of the seats tested were second-hand. We advise parents not to use second-hand seats as they may have been in an accident.

‘The way to protect a child is with a properly fitted seat, appropriate for their weight and size, which is right for your car.’

Further free checks will be carried out at Gunwharf Quays car park on August 17, Sainsbury’s in Farlington on September 1 and Asda, in Fratton, on October 6.