Tiree remains undefeated by swimmer Anna

Anna Wardley during her first attempt this week
Anna Wardley during her first attempt this week
Iiylah-Louise and her mum

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ENDURANCE swimmer Anna Wardley was again forced to abandon her attempts to circumnavigate the Scottish island of Tiree because of sea conditions.

The Gosport athlete, who managed to swim just over 20 miles of her 30-mile challenge on Tuesday, today attempted to finish the final 10 miles of her journey.

But despite making great progress on the first mile, the current through the narrow straight of Gunna Sound was pushing her backwards, with even the support boat struggling to make headway against it.

Anna also did battle with jellyfish, including the lion’s mane – the largest species of jellyfish in the world.

Anna is attempting to swim around five islands.

Her final challenge will be to swim the 40 miles around the Isle of Wight next month. She is hoping to raise £50,000 for the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, Samaritans and Sail Africa.