Travellers arrive at Port Solent Marina

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POLICE in Portsmouth are using legal powers to move on a group of travellers in Port Solent.

The group arrived yesterday morning in a field and recreation site opposite Port Solent Marina.

Hampshire Constabulary officers visited the scene to assess the situation, and speak to the travellers, who had six vehicles with them.

Concerns were raised about people nearby not being able to use the recreation site during the half-term school holiday.

Environmental risks were also highlighted as there are no appropriate facilities on the site for toilets, water or waste disposal.

A section 61 notice was served by police, and officers are monitoring the situation to ensure the travellers comply peacefully and move on safely.

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesman said: ‘In using these powers, Hampshire Constabulary will always ensure that we balance the needs and rights of all our communities with actions that are proportionate, lawful and necessary.

‘We will continue to work closely with partner agencies, private landowners, and the travelling community to manage unauthorised encampments.’

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