Treasured anniversary watch is lost in park

Picture: Isle of Wight Radio/PA Wire

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A family is appealing for the return of a treasured watch.

Christina Green was holidaying in Hayling Island and on her last day, October 20, she visited Havant Park.

At around 2pm she realised the delicate gold Marvin watch was gone. The pensioner, from Northampton, asked her daughter, Siobhan Green, to make an appeal on her behalf.

Ms Green said: ‘My mother was on holiday in Hayling Island where she has a caravan, and visited Havant shortly before she got the train home.

‘The safety chain had broken so it was in her shirt pocket that day. She went back to search for it and visited the shops she had been into that day to no avail. Unfortunately we don’t have a picture of it.

‘It was a 25th wedding anniversary present from my father and they are both very upset. They have just celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary. I hope that a miracle can happen for them.’

The watch has a small face that is champagne in colour, gold batons and gold hands. There are small gold hoops at the end of the bracelet where the safety chain was.

Call 07725 227116 or email with information.