Tributes paid after Kings Theatre stalwart dies

TRIBUTES Sean Bowman

TRIBUTES Sean Bowman

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ONE of the Kings Theatre’s greatest supporters has died, aged 69.

Sean Bowman, the theatre’s heritage director, passed away on Thursday evening.

Ron Hasker, The Kings Theatre Trust’s chairman, said staff at the theatre were ‘deeply upset’ at losing a friend and a colleague.

He added: ‘Sean, born a Yorkshireman, lived in Portsmouth for many years. He was an arts teacher at St Edmunds and a long-time member and supporter of The Portsmouth Players.

‘The Kings Theatre also owes a great deal to Sean, as he was one of the main contributors, who supported and helped to save the theatre.

‘Sean has always promoted the theatre in both performance and education, as with his personal love of the great heritage building we call The Kings.

‘His presence, lively discussion and contribution will be greatly missed at trust meetings.

‘Our condolences, thoughts and prayers go out to his family, especially his mother who he used to visit regularly.’

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