University of Portsmouth helps man to swim the Atlantic

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A MAN who is planning to be the first person to swim the Atlantic ocean has been using the extreme environments lab at the University of Portsmouth to help prepare for his epic journey.

Ben Hooper, who has previously served with the military and the police, plans to set off on his adventure, named ‘Swim the Big Blue’, in November next year.

He will start in Dakar, in Senegal, and aims to arrive in Natal, Brazil in time for the 2016 Olympics. This is a journey of 2,000 miles, and he plans to swim 12 hours a day for three months.

Ben said: ‘It’s always been a really big dream of mine to test my body to its extremes.

‘I’m not a pro sportsman, but I have been training as a pro-athlete would up to 40 hours per week. It was great to use the facilities at Portsmouth to see how far I’ve come, and how far I need to go.’

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