Vandals destroy hundreds of spring daffodils

Desecration of beautiful Spring Daffodils in Castle Avenue Langstone
Desecration of beautiful Spring Daffodils in Castle Avenue Langstone

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VANDALS have destroyed hundreds of daffodils by kicking them.

Neighbours in Castle Avenue, Warblington, awoke on Sunday morning to find the entire street littered with pieces of the flowers and not a single one left standing.

Andrew Norton, from Warblington and Denvilles Residents Association, said he was horrified that vandals could be so heartless.

‘It’s absolutely deplorable,’ said Mr Norton, ‘It’s that simple.

‘The residents make a great effort to try and make their local area respectable and take a lot of time to plant these lovely flowers only for selfish people to seek to destroy that.

‘Once they are decapitated there is nothing much that can be done.

‘All they can do is wait for them to come up again next year, which they will do.

‘It’s just very sad that someone has set out to do this.’

The bulbs were planted by a former resident 15 years ago.

Each house in the street contributed £10 each.

Scores of the flowers, planted on the kerbside, have flowered every spring since.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said: ‘My wife first noticed it when she went out early on Sunday morning.

‘There were daffodils strewn all over the road.

‘It was a terrible sight. Every daffodil in our road was kicked to destruction.

‘The residents who paid to have these planted many years ago are saddened by such sick action by those responsible, as have been a number of car drivers who have stopped to ask who would do such a thing.

‘The regular dog walkers who have passed through the road have been equally horrified.

‘It can only be people who were using the underpass because the other road has not been touched.

‘I don’t know what was going through the heads of the people who did this.’

The police and the local authority, Havant Borough Council, have not been informed.

Residents say they do not feel there is any real prospective of finding out who was responsible.

In the meantime, neighbours have been left to clear up the mess themselves.