WATCH: Bizarre moment a man appears to run head first through a shop window

Grace Hutton, nine, from Cosham, is having her head shaved in memory of her mum Paula (in the picture frame)

Cosham girl, nine, to have headshave in mum’s memory

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CCTV has caught a man apparently running straight through a shop window.

The man is caught on camera running across a road before either falling or tripping over.

CCTV catches the moment

CCTV catches the moment

He then breaks the glass when he ploughs through the front of Monsoon's in Hertford.

A member of staff at the clothing store, who did not want to be named, said: "We don't know what happened.

"My colleague just turned up Sunday morning and there was a big hole in the shop window.

"There was lots of blood and glass everywhere, forensics have been and taken samples."