WHY I LOVE MY MUM: ‘She never seems to age’

Amanda Stanley

, right, with her mum Beryl Sykes
Amanda Stanley , right, with her mum Beryl Sykes

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My mum Beryl Sykes is 81 years old, but I call her the robot! She never seems to age. She just seems to stay the same. I go to work and drop my chihuahua off to her every day so she can look after him. She does my ironing each week as working and running a home I don’t get time – and she make the best flapjacks ever for me and my work colleagues! She never stops and volunteers in a club, Brendon Care, for the ‘elderly’, even at her age. She does all her gardening, apart from the hedges – that’s my job. She looks after my 14-year-old whenever school holidays occur. My mum is my best friend and we also share the same birthday. She’s a very special person not just to me but to all my family and we love her dearly.

From Amanda Stanley