Wives’ choir performs on Friday night radio show

From left: Meridian Shopping Centre manager Rob Fryer, Ruth Scott from the Beacon Food Bank and SSE employees Sunil Shanthi and Kyle Grant

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MEMBERS of Portsmouth Military Wives Choir sang their hearts out on BBC Radio Two last night.

They performed as part of the radio station’s Friday Night is Music Night show.

The ladies sang in a special edition of the show which marked the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters raid.

Sarah Kiff, PR officer for the group, said taking part in the event was an honour.

‘We were all very excited to be singing on air for BBC Radio Two and it was a very special privilege,’ she said.

‘We were chosen by the Military Wives Foundation to represent all the groups who come under their umbrella.

‘It was a great honour and something we were very proud to do.

‘But the ladies were also nervous because we represented all the Military Wives groups.’

Dermot O’Leary and Jeremy Vine presented the special show in honour of the Dambusters heroes.

As well as the Military Wives Choir and other orchestras, the show featured messages from veterans and their families.