Phone app could be used to report Havant litter snags


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A MOBILE phone app could be created so people can report litter and fly-tipping problems amid concerns over levels of street cleanlines.

The move is being looked at in Havant and Waterlooville after an increase in discarded rubbish sparked a review of the problem.

Councillors were asked to look at the issue after Havant Borough Council failed to hit its own targets for street cleanliness for three months last year.

A total of 120 litter inspections are made of randomly-picked streets across the borough every three months.

Streets are scored on levels of litter and detritus. The lower the final score is, the less rubbish there is.

But between April and June last year, a figure of eight per cent was reached – which is above the council’s street cleanliness target of five per cent. The issue was reviewed by the council’s environment and neighbourhood panel.

A report due to go before the council’s scrutiny board tomorrow, states: ‘To combat the reduction in the figures, litter hotspots were being reviewed and patrols being implemented as necessary.

‘Extra work was being undertaken to try and identify hot spots and it was recognised these were generally town centres in the morning and areas around school runs.

‘Some of these problems involved people throwing litter out of cars and it was agreed these types of problems could not be alleviated by changing the number of bins, although litter bin placement was under constant review.’

The report adds: ‘One area the panel believes could be further explored in the future is the development of a Smartphone app which would allow officers and members of the public to report any litter.’

As a result of the problem being targeted, figures show litter has decreased over the last six months in the borough.

The last two quarterly street cleanliness surveys reported figures of five per cent and two per cent respectively.

Hayling Cllr Andy Lenaghan, who led the scrutiny, said: ‘There was a bit of a blip and we were asked to look at it. It was just to make sure we got back into the green as far as we were concerned – which we did.

‘Everything has a yardstick within the council, whether it’s planning applications, responding to customers, missed bins. We were happy that the last two quarters have been green.’

As previously reported in The News, the council has also stepped up handing out fines to litterbugs, with 11 people receiving on-the-spot £75 fines last autumn in Greywell and Park Parade, Leigh Park.

Despite the encouraging figures, Cllr Lenaghan said more needed to be done to tackle Hayling seafront.

He said: ‘I still think the single biggest issue is dog excrement.

‘The seafront has often been described as a dog toilet.’

But Pat Sutton, from Havant Residents’ Association, said litter was still a problem.

She was concerned that the number of litter bins had been reduced in Leigh Road running north from Havant railway station.

She said: ‘We suffer from beer cans, crisp packets and all sorts of it.’