Police confiscate violent criminal's cash

Police are appealing for help after the theft

Pensioner has purse snatched while shopping in Cosham charity shop

A burglar is to be stripped of £40,000 made through crime.

Christopher Doughty is serving a 15-year sentence following a series of burglaries and the handling of antiques stolen from houses across the south east.

Following an investigation by Sussex Police's financial crime experts, Doughty was served at Lewes Crown Court with a 40,000 confiscation order made under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Tom and Sara Williams, of Aldsworth House, near Chichester, were tied up and beaten by Doughty and two accomplices in 2006.

Antiques worth 350,000 were taken.

Mrs Williams said: 'We were so pleased to hear that this investigation has finally come to a successful conclusion. We were very impressed by the sheer hard work of the police team and the Crown Prosecution Service in this difficult five-year long inquiry.'

Doughty described himself at trial as being one of the leading handlers of stolen goods in the area.