Police get tough on violence at Christmas

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Gosport flat issued with closure order after drug-dealing reported

POLICE are cracking down on domestic violence as the festive season gets into full swing.

Officers will be putting on dedicated patrols to respond to domestic fights over the next fortnight.

They will be equipped with video cameras to secure evidence that could be needed for the successful prosecution of offenders.

The drive is being spearheaded by Sussex Police, whose officers were called to around 900 domestic abuse incidents over Christmas last year.

Detective Sergeant Wendy Vodrey, from the Specialist Investigations Branch, said: 'This will be the third year that Sussex Police has run a force-wide campaign and we anticipate that certain days will be particularly busy with calls for help, such as Boxing Day and New Year's Day. Victims can be assaulted by their partners or other family members and many of the incidents we have attended in the past have been extremely violent. The increase over this period is often down to higher alcohol consumption, combined with families spending more time than usual with each other.

'Partnerships which are potentially abusive may come to a head at this time. Early attendance by police officers using video cameras increases the chance of gaining quality evidence, not just relying on the victim's word against their abuser.'