Anti-fascist graffiti daubed ahead of Portsmouth march

Goldsmith Avenue. Picture: Google Maps
Goldsmith Avenue. Picture: Google Maps
Detail from an exact replica of Lord Nelson's diamond Chelengk jewels. Picture:Andrew Matthews/Press Association

Replica of Nelson’s stolen jewel on display

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GRAFFITI displaying anti-fascist remarks has been covered up by Portsmouth City Council.

The writing was in bright red paint along Goldsmith Avenue, leading up to Fratton Park, with a few shops and billboards the targets.

The marks have since been covered up when they were discovered yesterday.

The graffiti was covered up by Portsmouth City Council.

A spokesman said: ‘We can confirm that we covered up the graffiti down Goldsmith Avenue, in Fratton.

‘Normally, we do not cover up graffiti on building or property not owned by the council.

‘But, on this occasion, we thought it was appropriate to cover it up for the community.’

The graffiti was spotted ahead of a march planned in Portsmouth today by members of the English Defence League.

A counter protest by the Unite Against Fascism group is also taking place.