Bishop calls for deportation order’s reversal

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A HUMAN rights defender from the Church of England has added his voice to calls to stop the deportation of a Portsmouth resident.

Bishop Christopher Senjonyo, of the Ugandan Anglican church, has called for Robert Segwanyi, who is currently detained at Haslar, to be allowed to stay in the UK.

Immigration judges decided Mr Segwanyi should be deported to his native Uganda, at the request of the UK Borders Agency.

He had argued he should be allowed to stay in the UK, because as a homosexual he faced imprisonment and torture in the east African state.

But the judges didn’t believe he was gay, and could see no evidence homosexuals are tortured in Uganda.

He was due to be deported last week, but his solicitor, immigration specialist Tahir Mohammed, offered last-minute evidence to delay the decision.

But he is now to be removed at 8pm tonight.

Mr Mohammed will present a letter from Bishop Senjonyo, and Amnesty International evidence of torture by the Ugandan government, to try to get the order overturned.

The bishop’s letter says: ‘Anyone gay will undoubtedly face questioning and likely harassment and violence from the police. It is not safe to return anyone who is gay or perceived to be, to Uganda.’