Council splashes out on high-visibility clothing

Portsmouth Port. Photo by Chris Pearsall

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THOUSANDS of pounds has been spent on high-visibility clothing for council workers.

Portsmouth City Council paid £8,505 to get the equipment for 205 staff that work for its Green and Clean service, which maintains communal areas of council properties.

Employees have been issued with high-vis vests, T-shirts, sweatshirts, tabards, wet weather gear, and coats after a risk assessment was carried out. The measure was approved by Unite and the council’s health and safety team.

Green and Clean service manager Colette Hill said: ‘We take the welfare of our staff very seriously. Our team are often out working in areas where we have identified a number of risks that relate to working in dark or poorly lit areas, and places accessed by vehicles and at the roadside.

‘This includes car parks, crossing busy roads pushing or pulling laden trolleys, and working inside low lit areas such as bin sheds.

‘We identified a risk for their safety, and as a part of our duty of care, recognised a need to provide our staff with high-visibility clothing to help keep them safe whilst they perform their duties. We hope these measures will help ensure the safety of our team and allow them to do their jobs safely and effectively.’