Council tax could rise in Fareham to help bring in money

County council grant aims to reduce household waste

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COUNCILLORS have mooted the idea of putting up council tax in order to make money.

The idea to raise the tax was discussed by the Fareham Borough Council’s scrutiny board.

Chairman of the board David Swanbrow said: ‘My feeling is that in the future we may have to put up council tax by quite large amounts. We have kept the council tax at the same level for the last six years but that cannot go on forever.’

The scrutiny board considered a report that said unless savings were made, then council tax would need to rise by 15 per cent.

A rise in council tax of one per cent would net the council an extra £60,000 per year.

The board decided to investigate the possibility of raising council tax by up to 2.5 per cent and a report will be prepared by officers and presented at the executive meeting on October 6.