Gypsy sites may sold off by county council

Pete Bradbury

Pete Bradbury

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GYPSY sites could be sold off by a council to save money.

A total of 10 sites for gypsies and travellers owned by West Sussex County Council are up for review.

They include sites in Cemetery Lane, Westbourne, and East Hampnett near Chichester.

A council report said the Chichester-based authority had no legal duty to develop and maintain such sites.

The cost of running the sites has traditionally been around £150,000 a year.

This has reduced to about £50,000 as a result of restructuring at the council.

Councillor Pete Bradbury, cabinet member for public protection, said: ‘It is about finding the best outcome for the sites on a long-term basis, whether by retaining ownership and leasing out the management, or whether we will get a better long-term solution from an organisation that has the well-being of the gypsy and travelling community at heart.’

The report adds Somerset County Council recently sold all its sites to a company owned by gypsies.

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