Hundreds back call to shorten Southsea beach dogs ban

Protesters say the summer ban on dogs at Southsea beach lasts too long

Protesters say the summer ban on dogs at Southsea beach lasts too long

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HUNDREDS of people have signed a petition calling for dogs to be allowed on Southsea beach for longer in the year.

Southsea Rock, a gift shop in Marmion Road, has gathered around 600 signatures as it looks for change.

Currently, animals aren’t allowed on that stretch of the seafront from March 1 until the end of September every year.

As reported, campaigners are calling for the authority to relax the ban so it doesn’t start until May instead.

Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson, leader of the council, has already said the current restrictions are in place to protect children.

But Linda Symes, a member of Portsmouth’s Conservative group, is a dog walker and a big supporter of what’s being called for.

Ms Symes said: ‘No-one is saying they want to see dogs running around on the beach in the summer.

‘But how many children do you see playing on the beach in March?

‘You don’t in the same way you don’t see very many children there in December or November.

‘People feel that it is unrealistic to keep the beach closed in the winter.’

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