Letter of the Day: Warning that combined authority would not work is well placed

John Pickering, chairman of Rowlands Castle Parish Council

John Pickering, chairman of Rowlands Castle Parish Council

Picture: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

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Rowlands Castle Parish Council chairman John Pickering’s concerns about a combined authority for Hampshire adding another layer of red tape and bureaucracy are well founded (Combined authority plans raise concern. Sept 1).

The evidence from the northern combined authorities is that they are hiring staff at a rapid rate on six-figure salaries.

The devolution process is driving demands for high-calibre executives who are coming from other top public service jobs, after getting six-figure golden goodbyes, and generally milking the system.

George Osborne says that the benefits of devolution will only be seen if government gets leaner, rather than fatter. But it is not happening, it is a charter for town hall tycoons to rip off the taxpayer in the most scandalous way.

It is a gravy train that is already up and running and local politicians who support it in Hampshire must be naive to think it won’t happen here.

Or maybe their motives are less than honourable and they are looking forward to getting their snouts in the trough?

Jerry Bamforth

Sennen Place, Port Solent

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