More powers for Hampshire County Council

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A MOTION has been passed to devolve more powers from central government to Hampshire County Council.

At today’s council meeting, Hampshire leader Councillor Roy Perry submitted a notice of motion to see a transfer of powers from ministers to councils.

In his motion, Cllr Perry said: ‘Whilst applauding the outcome of the Scottish Referendum, Hampshire County Council calls upon her Majesty’s Government to devolve more powers with appropriate funding, not just to Scotland but existing levels of local government at county, district and parish level in England.

‘In particular this council calls for a transfer of powers, with adequate capacity and resources, from unelected and unaccountable quangos to existing democratically elected councils that are answerable to their local communities.’

Cllr Keith Mans seconded the motion.

At the meeting, discussions were made on taking devolution one step further and getting powers back from Brussels.

After more than an hour discussing the issue, the motion was passed.

Now, the council will call on the government to transfer the powers.