MP becomes Portsmouth’s Scout ambassador

ROLE Penny Mordaunt MP his handed the 'District Neckerchief' by Ron Jacobs, District Commisioner of the City of Portsmouth Scouts.

ROLE Penny Mordaunt MP his handed the 'District Neckerchief' by Ron Jacobs, District Commisioner of the City of Portsmouth Scouts.

Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson, from the Liberal Democrats.

Picture: Sarah Standing

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CITY MP Penny Mordaunt says she is ‘honoured’ to have been made an ambassador for Scouting in Portsmouth.

It is the first time the local movement has had an ambassador.

Ms Mordaunt, who represents Portsmouth North, recently met young people from the 72nd Portsmouth Scouts, Widley, on their challenge activity evening.

She said: ‘I’m honoured to have been asked to be an ambassador for Scouting in Portsmouth.

‘It’s a fantastic movement teaching young people all kinds of skills and enabling them to gain in confidence.

‘The volunteers who give their time are amazing and I hope to be able to help them achieve their ambitions for the groups they work with.

‘Last Friday was spent with Christchurch Scouts, who were undertaking some practical leadership tasks, which were great fun.

‘I’m looking forward to working with them and other groups across the city in the forthcoming months and years.’

Ms Mordaunt, who keeps up to date on Scouting campaigns and encourages young people to get involved with politics, said she understands the Scouting spirit for adventure because she is a member of the Royal Naval Reserve.

District commissioner Ron Jacobs said: ‘Scouting ambassadors are prominent people who support us in transforming the lives of young people.

‘They are representatives for Scouting and use their knowledge and experience to benefit the movement.

‘Thanks to their high profiles, they can promote Scouting to everyone, encouraging more people to volunteer and more young people to join.

‘They also get the chance to show fellow peers and professionals how much fun Scouting really is.’

Ellis Mauger, a 12-year-old Scout, said: ‘Penny was friendly and helped us with our team challenge.

‘We had to move tubes without touching them using ropes, sticks and elastic bands. It was nice to meet her.’

Charlie Butler, 13, added: ‘It was a lot of fun.

‘I had to dangle from the ceiling in a harness while the other Scouts and Penny used rope to move me around, so that I could move balls from one bucket to the other.’

You can find out how to join a local Scout group online at

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