No change for Fareham Borough Council

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A few seats may have changed hands as the old guard gave way to new blood, but things stayed exactly the same in the local elections in Fareham.

Power remained with the Tory party, which continues to hold 22 seats while the Lib Dems hold nine.

But there are four new councillors, all replacing colleagues who stepped down.

Tory council leader Sean Woodward took Sarisbury ward with 68 per cent of the vote against the sole challenger, Lib Dem David Savage, but this was lower than his 82 per cent share four years earlier.

He said: 'Obviously I'm delighted to see the largest turnout the ward's ever had. I think there's been a lot more people voting for the party than the person, but that's usual in a general election year.

'It's ended up as exactly as we were, but with hefty majorities in every seat.

'There were a couple of Lib Dem seats we were targeting, but our top priority was to maintain the seats we already hold.'

Cllr Roger Price, the Lib Dem group leader, was also returned to his seat in Portchester East, and said: 'I'm disappointed we didn't get the extra seats, but most importantly, we kept the ones we've got.

'I think we've done extremely well, because in all our seats we have had increased majorities.'

Cllr Paul Whittle replaced outgoing Lib Dem Jim Murray in Fareham East and said: 'Jim Murray has retired after 26 years and I consider it a big privilege to follow in his footsteps – he's been a fantastic ambassador for the people of Fareham.

'He's a hard act to follow.

'I had a huge amount of support in the community and from my family and friends.

'I'm looking forward to working with my fellow Lib Dem in Fareham East, Cllr Katrina Trott.'

In Locks Heath Cllr Susan Bayford joined the council, replacing Mike Godrich.

Next week she will become the mayor's consort as her husband Cllr Brian Bayford, who was also returned to his Park Gate seat, is expected to be voted in as the civic leader.

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