Portsmouth MP enters debate on saving Dial-a-Ride

Photo: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

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MP Penny Mordaunt has entered the debate on whether a transport service for people with mobility difficulties should be scrapped.

Portsmouth City Council is considering the move to save money.

The Portsmouth North MP said: ‘In recent days concern has been expressed that the Dial-a-Ride service will end.

‘I know that many people see it as a lifeline and so I made enquiries of the council to ensure its importance was understood and all efforts made to ensure that it continued. Following a discussion with the council leader, I am happy to confirm that Dial-a-Ride will remain.

‘The contract is being retendered and, although it is likely it will be provided by another organisation, the service will remain. I would like to hear about any remaining concerns.’

City council leader Donna Jones wants another firm to take on running Dial-a-Ride.