Sofa causes stir after it is dumped on beach

The sofa has caused a stir after it was dumped on the beach
The sofa has caused a stir after it was dumped on the beach

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THIS sofa caused a stir after it was left on a beach for more than two weeks – and nobody could remove it because it was technically on private land.

The brown sofa was spotted on the small section of beach off Crofton Lane, in Stubbington, which is owned by the houses nearby.

But the beach is separated from the homes by walls and fences and is used by members of the public for picnics and walks.

Former Stubbington ward councillor Jim Forrest spotted the sofa and sent photographs of it to Fareham Borough Council.

But after visiting the sofa, the council said they could not remove it because the land is private.

Mr Forrest said: ‘Although the land strictly belongs to the residents of the houses, I think the council should have removed it.

‘The sofa was on the shingle of the beach which is used by young people for picnics and, although it says it is a private beach, people walk along it regularly.

‘There is never any trouble with members of the public using it.

‘I just think the council was a bit timid because it was technically considered private land.

‘But it would have been difficult tracking down the owners of houses because they look like places people live in part-time if they come down to sail or spend the weekend away.’

Eventually someone moved it to a public area, enabling the council to step in.

Mr Forrest, a Lib Dem party activist, added: ‘After all the issues, the sofa was removed after being moved by someone off the beach and onto land owned by the council.

‘I don’t know who moved it but at least it’s gone. Common sense obviously prevailed somewhere. It looked horrible just sat on the beach and it could have been subject to vandalism as a few young people have barbecues there and it could have easily been set alight.’

Councillor Leslie Keeble, executive member for Streetscene said: ‘Our Fareham coastline is a much valued part of living in the borough and it is important that we keep it clean for everyone to enjoy.

‘It is very uncommon for fly-tipping to occur on the beach, but we were able to remove it quickly.

‘I hope people continue to report any known incidents of fly-tipping to Fareham Borough Council.

‘If it is on public land we can make sure it is removed.’