Poppies pop up in Portsmouth

Poppies beside the Eastern Road in Portsmouth. ''Picture: Mike Walker

Poppies beside the Eastern Road in Portsmouth. ''Picture: Mike Walker

Michelle Bates, WO2 Lloyd Gillingham, Noah, six, and Gunner Ryan Hancock
Pictures: Habibur Rahman

PICTURES: Portsmouth shows its support with celebrations on Armed Forces Day

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POPPIES have been planted alongside the Eastern Road to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the First World War.

Colas, which is working for Portsmouth City Council has planted the poppy seeds next to the Eastern Road to remind the people of Portsmouth about the events of the First World War that happened 100 years ago.

The poppies have been planted in a place where the majority of people in Portsmouth are familiar with, and has been described as a kind and warm-hearted gesture which has been funded by the city council.

The city council is asking people not to enter the area where the poppies are planted so that the poppies can grow and serve as a memorial for the millions of people that lost their lives in the First World War fighting for their country.

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