Portsmouth mum fears being left homeless

From left, Tawny Harris, Tamara James, Laya Harris, Holly Harris and Eliza Patmore
From left, Tawny Harris, Tamara James, Laya Harris, Holly Harris and Eliza Patmore
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A MUM says she fears being left homeless after the house she is renting was repossessed.

Tamara James, who has a young daughter, is worried the locks might be changed suddenly at her home on Toronto Road in Portsmouth.

She has been renting the property for two years and has had problems with mould and damp.

But Ms James now worries she might be left on the streets after being informed the house no longer belongs to her landlord.

She said: ‘When we moved in, the house was in disrepair. I complained to the landlords but nothing was done. I then complained to the council because I was worried about my daughter’s health.

‘The council tried to get the landlord to make changes but, when they wouldn’t, the council did the work and said they would just bill the landlord.

‘But then, I received a letter saying the house had been repossessed and we no longer dealt with the landlords.’

Ms James is now concerned bailiffs could come to change the locks without giving them any notice.

‘Legally, we’ve been told we have no rights,’ she said.

‘I have spoken to a lawyer and we can’t get an extension to stay. At any time the locks could be changed and we would be left homeless.’

Ms James now wants to warn others about the situation. She added: ‘I had no idea I could be left in this situation. Other people should know when it comes to renting a property.’