Portsmouth pupils raise cash for Gambian school

Thieves smash into vehicles parked at leisure centres

An impoverished secondary school in Gambia has had a fence built all around it to protect it from wild animals thanks to Portsmouth schoolchildren.

Youngsters from Admiral Lord Nelson School, in Dundas Lane, raised 2,000 to buy the protective fencing for their peers at Kabifita Upper Basic school in the west African country.

RE teacher Debbie Lucas, who oversees the links between ALNS and schools, charities and a nursery in Gambia, said: 'We have a target of 2,000 this year to provide Kabifita with electricity and internet access as currently internet access is limited to evenings in a local internet cafe and electricity is provided by a mobile generator which only lasts a short time.'

Headteacher Steve Labedz added: 'Our links to Gambia not only educate our young people that there's a massive world out there, but also that they are the same people with the same problems - just in different ways.'

ALNS members have been visiting Gambia for five years, and fundraise for worthy causes out there.