Portsmouth residents raise alarm after bonfire gets out of control

Portsmouth Grammar School pupils, back from left  to right: Sam Rush, Oliver Clark, Hermione Barrick, Michaela Clancy, Ilana Berney, Lizzy Greenfield, Charlotte Phillips, Grace Goodfellow, Caleb Barron, Robert Merriam. Front row, left to right: Katie Morrison, Gemma Webb, Lana Watt, Alfie Perry-Ward

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FIREFIGHTERS were called after a bonfire got out of control.

Residents dialled 999 after growing concerned for the fire they had started in Lime Grove, Paulsgrove, Portsmouth, just after midnight on Saturday.

A fire engine from Cosham station arrived and crews got the flames under control before putting the bonfire out with a hose reel.

Advice was given to the residents about the dangers of not keeping control of a bonfire and to not let it reach nearby buildings.