Princess and a frog raise charity cash

FUN Jenny and Carmel

FUN Jenny and Carmel

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A PRINCESS and a frog have been a familiar sight on the high streets this week.

Come rain or shine, Jenny Cooper and Carmel Capolucci have been touring shopping centres across the Portsmouth area raising funds for the charity Help in Bereavement.

Yesterday the pair got a soaking in Havant as they braved the rain.

But they kept smiling and attracting a laugh as they shook their charity buckets.

Mrs Cooper, who dressed as a frog, laughed: ‘Why would you not want to dress up as a frog on a wet day?’

The pair are both volunteers for the local charity, which helps people dealing with bereavement.

Mrs Cooper and Mrs Capolucci hope to raise more than £1,000 by collecting donations.

Mrs Cooper, from Gosport, said the charity was a lifeline for many local families and stressed the charity also helped children.

‘People talk to us because they can’t always say what they feel to members of their family’, she added.

Anyone needing help can call 07432 602613. For children dealing with bereavement, there is a special section called Doves. Call (023) 9261 8166.

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