Pub goes back to its old name

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A PUB has reverted back to its former name following a demand for its return.

The Registry in St Michael’s Road, Portsmouth, had rebranded to the Kraken Wakes last March.

But the new name turned off scores of punters, who started a Facebook campaign group opposing the change.

Now the pub has gone back to its previous name and is already seeing the benefits.

Emily Thomas, assistant manager, said: ‘There were quite a lot of people who were upset that we had changed the name.

‘When the name changed, so did the prices of drinks and other aspects, which people didn’t like.

‘Now that we have changed the name we’re trying to find a happy medium between what we previously offered and what we have now.’

The pub will keep the live music element, which was introduced when it was the Kraken Wakes, but will also bring back food and drink promotions as it had previously.

Drink prices have been lowered and a loyalty card has also been introduced.

‘So far the response has been good,’ added Emily.

‘We’ve already seen an increase in our profits.’