Residents call for help after sensing trouble

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FIREFIGHTERS were called out by residents who sensed there was a fire in their home because they could smell something burning.

A crew from Cosham fire station turned up at the house in Carmarthen Avenue, Cosham, Portsmouth, at around 5.20pm last night.

After taking a look around they realised that the burning smell was coming from the main fuse board, which had overheated.

Firefighters turned off the power and made sure the fuse board was safe before leaving around 20 minutes later.

Lawrence Mackrell, crew manager at Cosham fire station, said: ‘We were called to a fire but there wasn’t one in the end because the situation turned out to be an overheated main fuse board.

‘We isolated the board and made it safe. The smell wasn’t strong enough to set off the smoke detectors.’