RSPB urges people to help wildlife in winter

Birds need help at winter time

Birds need help at winter time

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WINTER can be a tough time for our wildlife.

Natural food sources dwindle, plants become iced over, berry crops come to an end and ponds freeze over.

That’s why the RSPB is urging people to help their garden wildlife through the cold winter months.

Samantha Stokes, of the RSPB, said: ‘Feeding in winter can be a life-saver for a wide range of species and will help birds to be in good health when the breeding season arrives next spring.

‘Birds are increasingly reliant on us to provide additional food to get them through the cold winter nights. They use most of their energy just surviving the cold nights. Our support is essential in making sure they stay alive.’

The RSPB advises that as well as feeding the birds, people should provide a supply of water which is regularly changed. Bird tables and feeders should be cleaned weekly to reduce the risk of disease and food should not be put on the ground if your garden is used by cats.

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