Scooby Doo’s musical marathon for charity

TICKLING THE IVORIES Steve Cass at 1000 Lakeside. Picture: Paul Jacobs (132795-1)
TICKLING THE IVORIES Steve Cass at 1000 Lakeside. Picture: Paul Jacobs (132795-1)
On the evening of October 23,1970 two tankers collided six miles south of the Isle of Wight. 13 crewmen died.

Flames from the oil tanker Pacific Glory could be seen from Portsdown Hill

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STEVE Cass proved he could really Scooby Doo it when he played a keyboard for 10 hours non-stop.

Steve, who works for Marketmakers at 1000 Lakeside in Northarbour, was playing in the foyer of the building from 8am to 6pm to raise money for the charity Build Schools in Africa.

And during the day, as well as performing his musical numbers he dressed up in a range of costumes including Scooby Doo, a bear and a reindeer.

The musical fundraiser had a great response, saying: ‘People’s faces were lighting up as they came in and the buckets filled up nicely.

‘It is a really good cause –some of the schools over there are like shacks and the money can make a real difference.’

Some of Mr Cass’s colleagues at Marketmakers have taken part in the Three Peaks challenge to raise money for the charity, which led him to think of what he could do to fundraise.

Chris Lyttle was watching and said: ‘He’s a hero, he’s raised a lot of money and his playing is really impressive.’

Among the tunes were classics from Abba, the Mission Impossible theme, the Rocky theme, the James Bond music and songs by The Wombles.