Seasonal safety advice for beauty queen Emily

The Hotwalls in Old Portsmouth. Picture: Wiki Commons (Labelled for reuse)

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TRAINING with firefighters in Southsea might not be among the most conventional of activities for a beauty queen.

But current Miss Portsmouth City has proved she's a dab hand with a hose.

Emily Tudor, 18, pictured left and on the front page, spent the day with firefighters at Southsea Fire Station, learning what they do when they are not out fighting fires.

She said: 'Many fires happen at this time of year because of Christmas lights or candles.'

Firefighter Glen Donnelly, who looked after Emily during her visit, said: 'We went out in the yard and ran some drills with her, and explained what we do when we go to people's homes for home fire safety checks.'

The crew at Southsea say the most important things to watch out for are that tree lights have been tested and are not left on overnight, and that chimneys are properly swept.

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