Shipping information for Friday, January 10, 2014

Jamie Sibley, who was shot in Athena Avenue, Crookhorn on February 13, 2017

Crookhorn shooting: family’s appeal for justice as victim undergoes 10-hour operation

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The latest movements for the ports of Portsmouth and Southampton.


HMS Brocklesby (out 0930, in 1315); HMS Illustrious (in 1215).


Star (out ttbc); Commodore Clipper (in 0615, out 0900); Armorique (in 0630, out 1445); Pont Aven (in 0730, out 2015); Cap Finistère (in 1400, out 1700); Commodore Goodwill (in 1615, out 1930); Normandie (in 2100, out 2245); Norman Voyager (in 2115, out 2300).


Arcadia (in 0545, out 1800); Queen Mary 2 (in 0600, out 2015); CMA CGM Marco Polo (in 0630); Hyundai Speed (in 0630); Queen Elizabeth (in 0630, out 2015); Hartland Point (in 0715); Saga Ruby (in am, out pm); Glovis Champion (in 1730); CMA CGM Pegasus (in 1930); Grande Sicilia (in 2330); Coastalwater (in pm); Lauren C (in pm); Helen (out 1700); Saga Pearl II (out 1700); Chicago Express (out pm); Gizemseniz Sultan (out pm); Meta (out pm); Sudkap (out pm).

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