Shipping information for Saturday, September 14, 2013

James Taylor at his desk in his office at 116 High Street, Old Portsmouth.

Those halcyon days when pen and paper just worked!

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The latest movements for the ports of Portsmouth and Southampton.


HMS Smiter (out out ttbc); Dredger Sospan Dau (out ttbc).


Star Endeavour (in 0500, out pm); Ivory Girl (in 1400); Arrow (in 0600, out 0900); Normandie (in 0630, out 0815, in 2100, out 2245); Mont St Michel (in 1300, out 1445); Bretagne (in 1800, out 2015); Norman Voyager (in 2115, out 2300).


Hoegh London (in 0430, out 1700); MSC Opera (in 0630, out 1600); X-Press Mulhacen (in 1130, out 1900); Rio Madeira (in 1300); Autostar (in 1700); Katharina B (in 2030); Asperity (in pm); Energy Skieer (in pm); Lady Hilde (in pm); LS Anne (in pm); Marbat (in pm); Waverley (out 1000, in 2045); Thornbury (out am); APL Southampton (out 1900); Aurelia (out pm); Bit Oktania (out pm); Marte (out pm); Speciality (out pm); Stolt Tern (out pm).