Solar farm near Fareham gets the green light

GENERATION Plans for a solar farm at Funtley have been approved
GENERATION Plans for a solar farm at Funtley have been approved
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A DISUSED landfill site near Fareham will become a solar farm after planning permission was granted.

The former Funtley landfill will be transformed into a solar farm the size of 17 football pitches.

An application was made earlier this year by Cassidy & Ashton – a north-west architecture, surveying and town planning firm.

And Winchester City Council has approved it.

Hundreds of solar panels on steel frames will be mounted on ballasted framework along with a gas management system.

Both will provide energy to the national grid.

Alban Cassidy, chartered town planner and environmental consultant at Cassidy & Ashton, said: ‘This project will make use of a former landfill site and will deliver a valuable source of energy not only for the local area, but for the whole country.

‘There are many similar projects across the UK, particularly here in the south of England.

‘As the proposals state, the panels will sit on the land rather than require deep foundations.

‘So there will be minimal disruption to the local community and no disturbance of the landfill site during the installation period which will only take a matter of weeks.

‘In many ways this was not a straightforward project to work on.

‘We were presented with complex challenges that really tested our knowledge and expertise.

‘In particular, the scheme was required to be implemented without disturbing the landfill site or releasing contamination, which we were able to successfully demonstrate.’

The company addressed issues regarding ecology and footpaths raised during the application, submitting further survey work and amended proposals to allay the concerns.

It is estimated the site will generate 14 megawatts of electricity and power up to 5,000 homes in the area.

Power generation is expected to begin later this year.