Sounds like this school garden is extra special

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The garden is alive with the sound of music thanks to new oversized instruments at a school.

A new sound garden has been created in the orchard at Dunannie School, Bedales' nursery and pre-prep school in Steep, near Petersfield.

The school's parents' association has spent the last year fundraising and working with local company, Freenotes, who are specialists in musical playground equipment.

The seven beautifully hand-crafted outdoor musical instruments which range from eye chimes, to drums, xylophones and chime bars, have been carefully selected for younger children.

Most of them are tuned to the pentatonic scale which means children can create spontaneous harmonious sounds without a frustrating struggle with wrong notes.

Children with no previous musical training can make melodic, enchanting music straight-away, building their confidence and self-esteem.

The Head of Dunannie, Katie Potter, said: 'The sound garden is a great addition to our outside area.

'The children have free access to the instruments during playtime and during dedicated music lessons, enriching their play and learning experiences.'

Linda Penney, from the school's parents' association, said: 'Dunannie children, parents and staff are delighted with the sound garden and we're very grateful to everyone who has been involved in this project.'