Southsea firefighters pick up bucket and sponge for Philippines fund

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CLEANING cars isn’t the usual start to a Saturday morning for red watch from Southsea’s fire station.

But on Saturday, firefighters set up their own pop-up car wash in Asda’s car park in Fratton to raise money for the Philippines’ typhoon disaster.

Organised by firefighter Richard Chappell, the one-day event saw dozens of people have their car washed by the professional, three-stage cleaning operation.

Speaking during the effort, Richard said: ‘We are doing a charity car wash and we thought it was a good chance to raise money for the Philippines disaster.

‘We were going to give all the money to the Red Cross but because we have to use this specific venue at Asda, we are going to give a little bit of what we raise to Asda’s chosen charity – Pink Ribbon breast cancer.

‘We are also going to give some money to The Fire Fighters Charity because they have helped us with the insurance.

‘The main intention is to raise money for the Philippines.

‘It seems like we have got a bit of a queue going already. We are working 10am until 4pm so hopefully we will have the Christmas shoppers and get some good support going and we will raise quite a lot of money.’

Regular announcements were made over the public address system inside the supermarket, reminding customers about the pop-up car wash by the petrol station. At times, cars were queuing to be washed.

‘We always do some sort of fundraising activity but coming up to Christmas, we just felt for the people over in the Philippines losing all their homes and possessions and things like that so it is just nice to give something back to them.

‘If everybody does their little bit then it all helps,’ Richard said.

‘We don’t set an amount for people to pay for having their car washed so it’s whatever people can afford which I think is the best way but people normally do give very generously.

‘If we can approach the £1,000 mark that would be fantastic.’

Mark Gissing, duty manager at the Asda store in Fratton, said: ‘It is a great thing they are doing. It’s absolutely great that they are in the car park doing this for such a great cause.

‘We are happy to help them and we are grateful for the help they are giving our charity.’




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