Streetwise steps in to save the day in row over mobile

PHONE WOE Ian Lamont with his Samsung mobile
PHONE WOE Ian Lamont with his Samsung mobile

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As smartphones go, it’s slim, sleek, stylish, packed with features, and has a really big screen.

It’s the Samsung Galaxy S2 and along with millions of other people, for Ian Lamont of Gosport, it was love at first sight.

Ian got his hands on Samsung’s top selling mobile in April 2012, but after only four months he started to experience charging problems. On contacting Samsung, they told him to return the phone for examination by Anovo, an authorised customer service centre.

They repaired the phone, but three months later an annoying software problem developed causing the phone to bleep continuously. Once again he sent the phone back to have the fault diagnosed and fixed.

This time there was an unwelcome surprise when the repairer diagnosed ‘water ingress’ as being the cause of the problem.

The incredulous 49-year-old sales manager was far from happy that his coveted new phone required a major repair costing £74 after so little use.

Ian told Streetwise: ‘When I asked them why the repair wasn’t covered under the guarantee Samsung said it was because the charging socket was corroded.

‘I told them their explanation was rubbish. It had never been near any water and lived in my pocket in its waterproof case.’

But that didn’t wash with Samsung’s service centre. Desperately needing a working phone he agreed to pay the charge to get his phone back.

Irked by the way he’s been treated, Ian went online and researched problems with the phone, reading about numerous similar incidents recorded by other users. Ian says he complained again to Anovo, but all his protestations fell on deaf ears.

As if this experience had not rubbed salt in the wound, another saga opened up when he discovered that his pristine phone had been damaged while it was being repaired.

The bottom of the casing had been chipped and scratched.

He reasonably expected it to be returned in the same condition as when he sent it off so once again he returned it insisting that the damage was fixed. A tussle then developed between him and the service agent, who insisted that as the phone was working they were under no obligation to carry out further repairs.

This time Ian got back direct to Samsung, and told them the service centre wasn’t interested and refused to deal with him.

Angry and frustrated about the standoff, he contacted Streetwise.

We relayed Ian’s gripe to Samsung who soon got things moving.

A spokesperson confirmed: ‘We will contact Mr Lamont directly and arrange a repair to his handset. But they went one better. They agreed while they had the phone they’d give it a complete makeover and health check.

A week later Ian’s top-rated phone was returned precisely as arranged in ‘as new’ condition and he was delighted with the result.

‘The phone was finally fixed and it now looks brand new,’ he said. ‘Thank you for all your help.’