Student's nightmare over false rape claim

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A man's life was left in tatters by a woman who falsely cried rape.

Louise Ndikum spun a 10-month tissue of lies which ended with innocent Alexesi Chua having to appear in court.

He broke down in the witness box as he was forced to give evidence even though the single mum had admitted perverting the course of justice.

Ndikum –originally told police she had been raped in the street by a stranger. And when confronted by detectives she continued to lie – this time claiming she had been raped by a man in his house.

Ndikum admitted lying to police but maintained her charade until the bitter end at Portsmouth Crown Court.

Ten months after first crying wolf Ndikum continued to claim innocent Mr Chua had raped her.

And Mr Chua had to take the witness stand and swear he had not attacked Ndikum even though police had already dropped all investigations against him.

He denied overpowering Ndikum at his home in Baileys Road, Somers Town, Portsmouth, and sobbed: 'It's not me wasting everybody's time. It upsets me. I don't know anything of that.'

Mr Chua said he met Ndikum as he walked home on June 1 last year. He responded to a wolf whistle from a garden, spoke to Ndikum – who had been drinking – and a friend, and gave her his mobile number.

Later the same day the couple met up and went to Mr Chua's house where they had consensual sex in his bedroom.

Afterwards Ndikum told a friend she had been raped in the street and police were called.

University of Portsmouth student Mr Chua was arrested on June 12. Mobile phone records confirmed his version of events and Ndikum was arrested.

The court was told she lied to police during interview, before being shown phone records and admitting she lied about being raped in Baileys Road. Instead, she claimed she was raped by Mr Chua in his bedroom.

Judge Ian Pearson said of Ndikum: 'I have to say I do not find her story credible.' And he added: 'Although Mr Chua could be criticised for perhaps his lack of morals and scruples, the sexual intercourse that took place that night was consensual. This is a sad case of a lady having consumed alcohol having sexual intercourse with a man she recently met then regretting it.'

Pat Brooks, the chief executive of Portsmouth Area Rape Crisis Service, said: 'It takes a tremendous amount of courage for a person to go to the police and say they've been raped. Men and women should not be put off by this case.'

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