Suspected bomb halts development work at Whiteley

FOUND The 'bomb' found in Whiteley
FOUND The 'bomb' found in Whiteley
Dogs use facial expressions to communicate

Dogs use facial expressions to communicate

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A BOMB scare in Whiteley was called off when a suspected WWII bomb turned out to be a car alternator.

Work at the Whiteley shopping development was halted when a digger unearthed a bomb-shaped object.

Builders were preparing the ground to lay slabs around a roundabout at the entrance to the shopping precinct when they made the worrying discovery.

Robert Boddy, 41, plant operator, was driving the digger when the object was discovered.

He said: ‘The foreman was just kicking it around, I recognised that it could be something more serious so I told him to stop.’

Whiteley Way was closed for 45 minutes as a 100m precautionary cordon was put in place.

The object was unearthed at 11.30am but work was resumed by 12.30pm.

Alex Humphreys, team leader from nearby Tesco’s, said: ‘We just carried on as normal, they shut the road so the store went quite for a bit but it turns out it was just a car alternator.’

Postman Dave Simpson was on his rounds in the area at the time of the incident. He said: ‘I grew up in Portsmouth and it’s part and parcel of living round here. I wasn’t that bothered, I’m used to things like that, I just carried on working.’

The Royal Navy bomb disposal team were called and they took the object away.