Tasty blue doughnuts are on the menu as college aids appeal

CANDY SALE From left, Bethan Gibb, 17, Maria Payne, 18, and Lacey Walton, 18.      Picture: Sarah Standing (111740-5067)
CANDY SALE From left, Bethan Gibb, 17, Maria Payne, 18, and Lacey Walton, 18. Picture: Sarah Standing (111740-5067)
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STUDENTS baked cakes and popped balloons as the Blue Day celebrations rolled on.

Dozens of pupils at Havant College, in New Road, Havant, threw themselves into the spirit of things with wacky events to raise money for the Tom Prince Cancer Trust yesterday.

Tom Bosher, from the college’s Student Union, organised the events which included blue cakes and doughnuts, blue face painting and some painful leg waxing.

Tom, a second year A-level student, said: ‘In the past we have tended to focus on the big national charities but I follow Portsmouth Football Club quite closely and because they support Blue Day I know quite a bit about it.

‘I thought it would be great to do something at the college and we had a blue cake sale which went down a storm.

‘People sprayed their hair blue and we had a couple of lads who had their legs waxed.

‘It was good fun watching them squirm and lots of people were taking pictures which they will embarrass them with.’

Students also hung up balloons filled with prizes which they whacked down with sticks.

Havant College supports Blue Day every year with a students versus teachers football match.

But it had to be called off at the last minute because of an Ofsted inspection but has been rescheduled for next week.

The Tom Prince Cancer Trust is run by the family of avid young Pompey fan Tom Prince who died from bone cancer, osteosarcoma.

The News’ annual charity fundraising event has helped the trust raise £580,000.

This year’s event was held last Friday and the family do not yet know how much money was raised as the cash is still coming in.

People from all around the area have been doing their bit to help raise money to reach Tom’s family’s £1m target.