The perfect recipe for a flipping good pancake

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Tomorrow is Pancake Day and to make sure your pancakes are flipping brilliant rather than a floppy disappointment, here are some top tips.

The News has some expert advice from resident food columnist Lawrence Murphy, head chef at Fat Olives restaurant in Emsworth.

Like most of us Lawrence first learned to make pancakes at home.

‘It was probably my dad who taught me how to cook my first pancake.

‘He used to cook a lot and we would often come down to the smell of fresh bread in the mornings.

‘To tell if a pancake is cooked look for the bubbles on the top. If the face up surface is dry it’s done.

‘Pancakes should take about a minute and a half to two minutes on the first side and then another 30 seconds to one minute once you have flipped them.

‘Preheat the pan and keep it at a medium temperature or you’ll burn the underside.’

The chef’s favourite pancake might surprise some readers.

‘I actually prefer savoury pancakes. We are serving one at the moment with spinach, poached egg and cheese sauce.

‘At home I’d use a bit of mashed potato in the batter and then add smoked salmon and creme fraiche or horseradish cream.’


Ingredients (makes 8–10)

112g (4oz) of plain flour

A pinch of salt

1 egg

300ml (half-pint) of milk

2 tablespoon of melted butter

A teaspoon of sugar

Oil to cook with

· Whisk ingredients together and leave to stand for 15 minutes.

· Preheat your pan at a medium heat.

· Ladle some mixture into the pan and roll it around to cover the bottom of the pan, making sure it’s not too thick or the pancake won’t cook properly.

· Once the top looks dry loosen the pancake with a fish slice and then flip!

· Cook for 30 seconds to one minute until golden brown and then serve.




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