Three pensioners rescued from Havant lift

Haverhill's Family Christmas Night (as pictured from last year) takes place on Friday, December 1. Picture by Andy Mayes.

Haverhill festive weekend has plenty for all of the family

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THREE pensioners were rescued from a lift after being trapped for more than an hour.

Firefighters were called to Bellair House, in Bellair Road, Havant, yesterday at just after 6pm when a lift became stuck between the building’s second and third floors.

A resident of the warden-controlled accommodation – believed to be in his 90s – was eventually rescued from the lift with his two adult children after an engineer was called.

A Hampshire Fire and Rescue spokesman said: ‘It appeared that the hydraulics on the lift had lost power but the brake was still holding it, so we called an engineer just to be on the safe side.

‘When we freed them the three trapped people were in good spirits and hadn’t been too shaken by the experience.’