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FORMATION The White Helmets form a human pyramid 'Picture: Matt Writtle

FORMATION The White Helmets form a human pyramid 'Picture: Matt Writtle

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IMPRESSIVE army motorcyclists formed this human pyramid to show off their skills.

The White Helmets – the Royal Signals motorcycle display team – were promoting ride to work day.

Among them was Cpl Daniel Papa, 26, from Gosport, who is on the right-hand side of the top three in the picture.

The communications systems operator has been in the army for more than nine years and has served a tour of Iraq.

The former Bay House School pupil said: ‘We have an amazing team and we trust each other implicitly, so over time constructing the pyramid has became second nature.

‘Whether we’re at an event in front of a crowd of thousands or in quirky locations like Westminster Bridge – we’ve got each other covered.’

On the ride to work day Cpl Papa added: ‘It is fantastic because it will most definitely help with the awareness of cyclists and motorcyclists.

‘It is an important issue on UK roads – as well as ultimately helping with congestion across the country and with the environment.’

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