Call for action over ‘dangerous’ Havant junction

CONCERNED Councillor Jackie Branson is campaigning to improve Green Pond Corner junction
CONCERNED Councillor Jackie Branson is campaigning to improve Green Pond Corner junction
Picture: Paul Jacobs (142476-229) PPP-140824-032155001


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IT HAS to be one of the most confusing junctions in Havant.

And local councillor Jackie Branson says there will be a serious accident unless action is taken at the Green Pond Corner junction.

The junction, which joins Emsworth Road, Southleigh Road, and Pook Lane, is not a straight crossroads.

The main problem is when drivers coming from Havant want to turn right into Pook Lane, and they have to cross two lanes of traffic.

Crashes or near misses occur when motorists in the outside lane of Emsworth Road wave to allow drivers to turn right – while traffic on the inside lane carries straight on.

Cllr Branson explains: ‘People often stop in the middle of the hatchings, waving people across, not realising that the inside lane still has a green light.

‘This is where many accidents have been caused where drivers have been thinking they can cross into Pook Lane.

‘The driver on the inside lane doesn’t see them because there’s a car blocking their view.’

The pitfalls of the Warblington junction were highlighted last month when a woman had to be cut out of her car after a crash.

Cllr Branson said the problem is worst at rush hour.

She said it could get worse as 200 new homes could be built in the area at Copseys Nursery and Manor Farm.

She is hoping improvements could be paid for by developers if planning permission is granted.

She added: ‘There isn’t an easy answer – there certainly isn’t a cheap answer.’

Jon Shurlock, a spokesman for Hampshire County Council, the highway authority, said: ‘The location underwent safety remedial measures in July 2004 consisting of anti-skid surfacing and lining. Additional traffic signal works were carried in September 2004.

‘The accident rate afterwards fell by 50 per cent.

‘There have been three collisions in the last five years and this is below the typical benchmark of one injury accident per year at signal controlled junctions on county roads.

‘In the circumstances this location currently does not feature in any of the county council’s casualty reduction programmes.’